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Sourcing Successes

"I have to give EGT Global my highest recommendation for professionalism and service. We have been using Edie's service for about two years now and will continue the relationship indefinitely. Our not knowing anything about the manufacturing or importing process was not an issue for EGT Global Trading.
Edie has been our beacon of light throughout the entire process from day one through getting our products delivered to us. Her unique ability to recognize and understand the complexities of the overseas manufacturing, importing, customs and product testing has made business much easier for us. Edie has never hesitated to correct our misdirection and she has proven to be right 100% of the time with her observations, opinions and suggestions. She is brilliant at what she does and has always had our interests as her priority.
We have been blessed to have Edie at EGT Global Trading on our side as a mentor, coach and consultant. She continues to work with us and help our business move forward as if it was her own and is always quick to respond to our questions and concerns. Always straight forward, honest and is an expert with all the nuances of overseas manufacturing, product testing and customs and importations procedures.
Absolutely the BEST in the business!"
Steve Geotsalitis
VP Pantelis Innovations LLC

"Edie was a huge help to us as we were launching our business and navigating the unchartered waters of overseas manufacturing, customs requirements, safety testing, etc.  She guided us through this new territory, and years later, we continue to have Edie involved for sourcing, and consultation.  We feel confident knowing that Edie is very informed on the most current safety and customs regulations.  Edie is always very responsive and available for any issues that arise.  She has been a great resource for us."

Maureen Howard

Baby Merlin Company
-Inventor of the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit

 “Edie’s 30+ years of international trade experience has proved invaluable to our company. International trade offers significant business advantages, but there are a myriad of details that must be correctly addressed if it is to be a success. Having an experienced, competent, conscientious, reliable professional like Edie working on our behalf has made the entire process immeasurably smoother and quicker. I am impressed by her attention to detail assuring that everything is executed properly. Edie has worked hard contacting numerous Asian manufacturers in order to find the best fit for us. I appreciate the timeliness of her work and her prompt feedback keeping us in the loop at every step. She is a great information source and she also provides me with many practical answers, solutions, and ideas. Edie’s established network includes Asian sources, attorneys, customs brokers, and insurance agents. These contacts can be an excellent resource for her clients. Edie is an immensely valuable part of our team and I highly recommend her to anyone interested or involved in international trade.”

Joseph Yao, MD
Etsuko, LLC
-Inventor of Qwi Nerve Protection Splints and Gloves-


"EGT Global Trading provides my company worry-free overseas manufacturing. This has allowed us to develop custom products at competitive market pricing without the expense and travel to ensure quality and reliability.  Edie’s services and contacts simplify the process at a very reasonable cost."

Jim Gannon
ShadowBag Industries
-provider of custom uniform storage bags to the military